High fashion and AIRC with Daniela Danesi Couture


Naples. Tuesday, October 11 at 19:00 at the historic residence “Belvedere Carafa” Via A. Falcone 122 in Naples, “Daniela Danes Couture” presents the 26th fashion show of high fashion women’s Fall Winter 2016-2017 and will support the AIRC campaign “Ribbon Rosa “in favor of cancer research against breast cancer.

“The dress must possess an artistic content becoming an expression of creativity and sartorial craftsmanship and, just when you get to the essence of my work. Working for women and about women. “This is the must of the godmother of the daughter of Partenope fabrics. One hundred and eight will then put his will parade on the catwalk including the new Daniela Danes great soirée line “dress code”.

The parade will be preceded by a cocktail reception and a greeting from Lucy Altucci, Airc researcher at the Second University of Naples, who will speak to women about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis in female cancers.