Old and new art techniques for original souvenirs

la lumiere antiquariato souvenir napoli

In their shop “The Lumiere”, the brothers Maurizio and Achille Crispino hand down the job inherited from their grandfather, and restore precious and unusual objects with great talent and skills. Their creativity is limitless: hand-painted ostrich eggs, lucky “cornetti” made from recycled ties, Pulcinella statuettes laid on the cobblestones of ancient Bourbon streets.[charme-gallery]The keys of antiques pianos become the “canvas” for hand-made gouache paintings and vintage postcards are beautifully enhanced.

La Lumiere
Piazza del Plebiscito 13, Naples
Tel. 338.298.55.59 – 339.304.15.80
Social page www.facebook.com/lalumierenapoli/?fref=ts