Goldsmith’s art made in Naples. The proposals of the finest designer labels Neapolitan

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One can sense the sweet air of Spring in the latest collection of jewels made in Naples. Here, small à porter masterpieces  are realized, skillfully blending ancient and modern techniques, elegance, creativity and imagination but never losing sight of the origins of the Neapolitan jewellery art, which is famous worldwide.

The necklace “Mirabilis” is one of the latest creations of the designer Alessandra Libonati. It faithfully reproduces the inner gate of the Chapel of Santa Restituta, to be found in the Cathedral of Naples. The jewel is hand-made and realized in red gold-plated and white silver. The necklace is part of the exclusive “Silver Gates” collection, which was shown to the public at The Castel dell’Ovo. Some of its pieces are in permanent exhibition at the Carrè Dorèe Lifestyle Gallery in Montecarlo. Also made by the same designer is the lively “Colored Bees” collection, which takes its inspiration from Spring and bees, which are able to generate life and color by flying from one flower to another.  All the jewels of this collection are enriched with tourmaline cabochon and peridot briolette beads.

The Vesuvius is the most important icon of the city of Naples. The Gallotta Gioielli company, an historic Neapolitan brand, has stylized and redesigned the symbol of the city to create a collection of hand-made maxi rings, realized in silver and enamel. The company also produce chic and “spiritual” rings which  bear the image of the Patron Saint San Gennaro. Both types of rings are made by local expert  goldsmiths who, over the years,  have created incredible works of art to be worn. The famous “Snake” rings, for example, in white or yellow gold with pavè white and brown diamonds.

The sea has always inspired the very original creations of the young goldsmith and designer Francesco Tramontano, which are made in silver, gold and bronze, often combined with unusual materials. Unique and recognizable are his “Fish” rings, the “Jellyfish” earrings with fringes and the necklaces of mesh chains  with little fish hanging on one side which could be extended in order to change the length of the jewel according to one’s desire.[charme-gallery] The Mediterranean sea inspires the creations by Pietrasalata too. The brand takes its name from an ancient rock lapped by the sea of ​​Naples, particularly dear to Valerio Pirolo, who lived many underwater adventures right on the rock during his childhood. Not surprisingly, among his most famous silver, gold and bronze jewels, there are the elegant “Waves” necklaces with carnelian, the amusing “Octopus” earrings and the “Medusa” rings, with large natural pearls.

Angela Puttini has designed the “Provident Capri” collection, inspired by an ancient Roman coin of Tiberius reproduced in silver, bronze, cameo or lava and applied on rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and cufflinks. A beautiful jewel, but also a powerful good-luck charm.

The unique “Mon Trèsor” chandelier earrings, realized by the historic maison Rovian in Torre del Greco, are very unique. In a deco style and made of gold, diamonds and rare drops of peau d’ange coral, the design of these exclusive jewels combines contrasting volumes and colors to form a perfect balance.

The exclusive collection “Mille e una notte” signed by Gustavo Renna is inspired by fairytales. The master-piece of the collection is a cuff bracelet, entirely hand-made in black silver, emeralds and white diamonds. Once worn the jewel becomes magical and takes the nuances of the moon. A set of maxi rings and earrings with rubies, diamonds and opals of great reflection is to be found in the same collection..

The new collection by de’ Nobili Gioielli is called “Polvere di stelle” and takes inspiration from the eternal chase between the Sun, which is the symbol of truth, and the Moon, which represents human feelings. Each jewel is perfectly refined and made in  silver, gold and semi-precious natural stones.

Nature is the undisputed primadonna of the very precious Caramanna Gioielli, designed by the architect Stefania Caramanna, whose creations are rousing great success and endless appreciation. The creative flair and elegance of Stefania enable her to design unique pieces of silver, gold and natural stones, hand-made in Naples. Trendy, yet timeless creations, which remind the delicate shades of spring flowers. Flowers are the protagonists of the capsules “Bouquet” and “Canestro”, which are the master-pieces of the  “Fantasie d’anelli” line. These are real wearable sculptures, which can be found in the showroom of Chiaia, and also at the many authorized dealers of the brand Caramanna, scattered throughout the region, the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast, islands included (the complete list of Caramanna’s retailers is available on the official site of the company[charme-gallery] Delicious little flowers decorate the marvellous “Flower Joy Colors”, one of the latest creations of the brand Capri Watch. This model has multicolored crystals on the dial and a double outline of white crystals on the bezel. The propitiatory “Lucky Joy” is the best choice for the most superstitious! It is embellished with good luck symbols par excellence: a red horn, typical of the Neapolitan tradition, and a four leaf clover. The best choices for  witty and elegant outfits.

Giuseppe Mandile, creator of the vibrant collection “Sigilli”, blends classic and new trends and experiences unusual ideas and combinations. The “Sigilli” line focuses on special silver rings with bronze inserts, embellished with aquamarine and agates, baroque pearls, onyx, coral, amethyst and lapis lazuli. A revival of the traditional seal ring with a removable and always changeable bezel frame.

Giulia di Pace, designer for Paola Grande Gioielli, can cleverly combine art, seduction, femininity and sophistication. her last collection “Spinae” has a very distinctive identity and was inspired by the concept of attraction between opposites, light and shadow. In “Spinae”, the key reason is a ‘mane’ structure that lives of almost architectural details and tailoring.

Her latest and distinctive collection “Spinae” is characterized by three-dimentional effects, the technique of overlapping and the attraction between opposites. The design of her jewels are original that takes us back architectural tailoring techniques.

The “Chain” collection by Gianni Carità is a composition of gold and luxurious stones. Precious bows, hearts, candies or delicate flowers adorn earrings, necklaces and rings. A high jewellery line of great design and timeless elegance, whose leitmotif is a wrapped golden chain,  laser welded.on a golden base.

Classical and modern elements co-exist in the creations of Bianca D’Aniello: hand-made bracelets, necklaces and earrings in very limited editions, in which a sophisticated gypsy-chic romantic soul meets  an aggressive and sensual glam-rock spirit. Her jewels are recognizable for the unique realization techniques, the elaborate openworks and the semi-precious stone applications.

“Sinapsi” is the last collection signed by Giuliana Grande: circuits of sensations and emotions that meet and collide, intersect, become entangled and reflect each other to give shape to unique jewels, handcrafted in silver and brone, plexiglass and natural stones. Superb are the heart shaped earrings with little mirrors and the extravagant maxi bracelet “groviglio stile”.