With “Capri Watch” on the Azure Island is already Christmas

veronica maya per capri watch

Started the countdown for the best party of the year and. The universal event that manages to regain lost emotions over time, moments of life that seem to have disappeared from memory and instead re-emerge on that day, where, in front of an old crib, historical and sacred icon, or under the christmas tree today’s world decorated with lights, meet the loved ones to open the gifts that mark the date of December 25. And as we approach the fateful date comes from the Azure Island the eye-catching invitation to give a “Capri Watch“. A unique, born of the creativity of Silvio Staiano who managed to contain the whole philosophy of the island of love in a precious face that marks good times and happy as those who live with the one you love the most beautiful day of the year: Christmas.

An invitation, a suggestion that crossing the borders islanders also arrived in the windows of the many cities where now the watch made in Capri became a symbol of elegance, style, romance, love and joy. Hence the name of the “Capri Watch MultiJoy“, a true ode to joy that wants to be in those days of holiday wishes for happiness to be given to a person “special”, a gift for Christmas and beyond, not an object like a lot, but a watch that will not only keep time, but is sending a message that goes straight to the heart of those who receive it and stop time for those moments … unforgettable.


And the clock news this Christmas, created by entrepreneurs Alba and Silvio Staiano, holders of “Asperula Stellina“, the company that produces the “Capri Watch,” is the “Rocks MultiJoy to Rhinestone Silver Rosé“, thought of becoming the perfect gift because of its unique style, with two-tone stainless steel case encrusted with crystals of light that give light to the dial with elegant and precious colored crystals of various sizes and a thousand reflections that evoke the colors of the island and all the feelings and emotions Capri you can give.

A mix of elements that can create a style that “Capri Watch” expressed in the care of every detail, in fact, the brand has created a new and unique Christmas packaging to ensure that the excitement begins even before you open the package and find out gift.”Capri Watch” which is based on a via Camerelle has expanded its borders to the entire sector of the fashion luxury accessories. Is gave rise to the bag “I’m The Capri Bag” two gifts in one: a smart shopper, which is in itself a bag that encloses within the Capri bag, made of lycra and multiprene in well 24 colors in the printed versions and special editions. Even the bag and once again reflects the elegance and style of Capri exported and is now recognized around the world. A mixture of excellent halfway between ancient traditions and modern glamour.


And of course Silvio Staiano and Alba, in proposing the Christmas present, they could not think of the men’s line and this is the “Capri Watch Man“. The clock created two special models: the “Chrono-Over Blue Rocks” and the innovative “Race Lux Chrono Silver“. Chronografi sports, always keeping an eye on the unique elegance and refined for the man who does not overlook the details when choosing a wristwatch. “Capri Watch” so it will be unique gift that will surely find its place in many, many Christmas trees and not only in Italy.

Already this week began the frenzy of Christmas shopping is in the many boutiques that display the “Capri Watch” and on-line at the company where clicking on www.capricapri.com, you can purchase the chosen object of desire or join the waiting list to book the watches in the new collection that will be readily available since the early days of December.

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