Carnival: born in Naples tie Pulcinella


Could not be born in Naples tie Pulcinella for those explains Ugo Cilento, who conceived it they want to participate in the carnival, but do not intend to give up classic elegance.” The Neapolitan mask, like other historical tradition of Italian (from Harlequin to Columbine, in Stenterello, Gianduia and Rugantino) is embroidered on the tail of the tie, a seven foldsof pure silk handmade by master craftsmen of the Maison Cilento 1780. Is very important that Naples still represents a benchmark for outline paths elegance with products of great quality craftsmanship and beauty explains Ugo Cilento, at the helm of the fashion house in business for eight generations and I like to think that he does always with a touch of irony and look at the great values of tradition”.