Where precious stones take shape


Passion-red coral from Japan and Taiwan, oceandeep turquoise from Arizona, snow-white pearls from Australia and Tahiti, crystalclear diamonds from Tel Aviv and Antwerp and amber as warm as the sun all come to the workshops of Torre del Greco where they are transformed into unique and beautiful objects by the expert artisans at Mondial Coral.[charme-gallery] A world-renowned firm of 30 years’ standing, its origins date back to the Bourbon kingdom and the coral fishing fleet which set sail from the town to return with their holds full of “red gold”. For 200 years, the town’s traditions in coral craftsmanship has gone from strength to strength, thanks partly to the products of Mondial Coral which now include Rovian its own exclusive jewellery.[charme-gallery] Coral, turquoise, pearls and diamonds are mounted in platinum and white gold to make a complete range of jewellery and accessories for men and women which combine style and beauty with antique luxury.