Where the Four Elements come to life


Inspired by the texture of the finest silk, Tissus is the latest collection of rings, brooches and necklaces created by the young and talented Neapolitan jewellery designer Vincenzo Oste. The store in the heart ofNaples’ luxury shopping quarter is the ideal location to showcase Vincenzo Oste’s jewellery, which will be on display alongside the works of his internationally renowned sculptor and designer father, Annibale. The exclusive vases, made of rare Volterra alabaster with elements of bronze, silver and coral, provide the perfect setting for the Tissus collection, crafted in sterling silver, gold, amethyst and onyx. By combining silver with other metals, Vincenzo Oste gives life to his jewellery so that it can reflect the personality of its wearer.[charme-gallery] The limited edition line will join the superb and highly popular Work in Progress men’s collection of cufflinks and silver-buckled belts which, Oste assures us, will be extended to include other cool accessories. Not just a ladies’ boutique, but a treasure trove for all those who love beautiful things. The delightful showroom also showcases exquisite ornaments, original giftware, desk sets, candelabra and fine tableware. Veritable sculptures painstakingly crafted in miniature format in the Oste workshops and often inspired by the four Natural Elements: as fresh as Air, as pure as Water, as solid as Earth and as bright as fire.