Fashion show at the Palazzo San Teodoro for Roberta Bacarelli woman

roberta bacarelli napoli

Suits and dresses below the knee. Waist emphasized, high-waisted pants embellished with buttons, masculine flavor. Mise created to dream and evoke the discreet charm of a femininity in pure style years 30. From the Parisian charm of the boutique on Avenue Montaigne imperturbable seductive allure of the first Hollywood divas. And the more closely longuette bloom next to unscrupulous elegance screwed jackets, contoured robes dream in style. Roberta Bacarelli recovers timeless elegance, never giving up, however, to contamination, allowing himself eccentricity raids.

A style with no expiration date, in modern measuring. The halls of the historic building to the neapolitan Riviera di Chiaia, so welcome tonight at 19.00 a very select parterre of the fashion style of all time lovers.Inspiration 30 years because the woman who dresses Bacarelli, at times must feel a little ‘diva. The diva of the 30s is a liberated woman. The advent of sound in cinema imposed a new stereotype of star, no longer sweet and mysterious women voiceless, but daring women, strong-willed and passionate, in the strict antagonism with the man.

The inspiring icon: Jean Harlow, provocative woman and full of self-irony. Bomb platinum par excellence. Fabrics: satin, velvet, embroidered tulle, brocade, sequins and jersey. velvet shoes.