Gallotta, classic jewellery in tune with fashion


The Gallotta jewellery shop in the historic Palazzo Sant’Arpino building has been adding ‘sparkle’ to the faces of Neapolitan ladies’ for over half a century with a complete range of original jewellery made from precious and semi precious stones. This is where Ferdinando Gallotta and his son Bruno opened their boutique, deviating from the traditional family business of diamond trading in which Ferdinando had started to lose interest in the 1940s. He had been working in the Borgo Orefici (Goldsmiths’ Quarter) ofNaplessince 1922 but his natural passion for jewellery led him to the elegant shopping district of Chiaia where he opened up his shop now run by Bruno and his children Ferdinando and Massimo. [charme-gallery]Now, as then, Gallotta creations reflect a classic style obtained from careful design and skilled crafting of the gold and precious stones, but there is also ample space for innovation and fashion trends. The window displays merely hint at the vast assortment of necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings waiting inside to cater for all tastes: from luxurious and extravagant items for evening wear to simpler, more dynamic pieces for everyday occasions and the summer. [charme-gallery]Gold and precious stones at the fore, but silver and semiprecious stones are also crafted into a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes both for the house jewellery and for exclusive fashion brand names. One thing that ladies will really love is the vast collection of small silk handbags for special evening events, embellished with jewels, embroidery and special handles. Men have not been passed by, in addition to choosing a gift for their loved one, they can admire the wide range of Glycine and Colonna watches in the finest Swiss tradition.