Gustavo Renna, inimitable goldsmith’s art


Luxury is “being able to allow yourself something unique”. Gustavo Renna, virtuoso goldsmith and jewellery neapolitan designer loves creating original handmade masterpieces for his clients, like “Night”, inspired by Gustav Klimt, made by matching the ancient technique of bas-relief on ebony with setting diamonds, saphires and rubies on the same base, now in exposition in Rome Jewelry University.[charme-gallery]

The result is a splendid female symbol of the beginning and end of life. Other Renna gems, all impossible to copy, are the solitaire in twisted gold thread with suspended one-carat diamonds and “Grandma’s bedside-table”, a necklace of memories in silver and bronze.

Gustavo Renna Design
Via Pittore 3/5, San Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli)
Corso Italia 140,  Piano di Sorrento (Napoli)