New collection, “fabulous jewels” branded Rovian


Someone called them “fabulous jewels”, others a “fairy tale jewelry.” The fact is that the protagonists of “In my enchanted forest,” the new collection scored by brand Rovian Italian Jewels Tower of Greek (Naples), represent a real innovation in terms of valuable easy-chic. The bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces with pendants maxi new collection, the flagship of the popular line “I luck it”, in fact faithfully reproduce the symbols of a wacky fairy tale created ad hoc by the jewelry designer, Cecilia Gonzo. “Interpreters” of exception: the magical Moon, the eye of fortune, the tree of life, the snake, the three exhibitions, a cluster of cherries, the node of the infinite, the heart and the dove, engraved for the ‘sardonic shell by hand on occasion and matched to now silver, now lanyard navy declined in many different colors, to suit any outfit, from morning to night. But among the other precious brand new summer Rovian Italian Jewels, known throughout the world for its original and precious parure of coral, gold and diamonds, stand out the delicious “Boule”. Bracelets cheap & chic, in Italian hand-knotted rope with details in silver 925. Armlet refined, suitable for fashion women of all ages, with an insert in the middle of fine cultured pearls, in mono or trio, declined in the trendiest colors of the Summer Season 2013.