You can find Naples in hand-made jewels


The exclusive creations made in Naples: unique and refined jewels, created by skilful goldsmiths who have an outstanding care for detail.

Gustavo Renna creates small sculptures inspired by Terra Felix: rock crystal mixed with precious silk for “Grotta Azzurra” earrings or “Souvenir” collection, maxi chevalier in silver or gold, where the mini print of a painting is put into a mineral glass contoured by rose cut diamonds.

Small masterpieces in silver, bronze, and precious stones with golden details are made by Caramanna Gioielli, like “Circle” bracelets, “Brio” rings, and “Jungle” earrings, with natural pearls and the small animals of “Caramanna zoo”.[charme-gallery]

Stylized owls and many flowers for de’ Nobili, which proposes finger or ear “Bouquet”. Multicoloured flowers also for Nardelli Gioielli, with its “Spring” collection full of gold, diamonds, sapphires.

“Millefiori” for the new collection of Capri Watch: in the glam clock-face there are many multicolour crystals and a white pearl hearth.

Leaves of ginkgo and the siren, the symbol of Naples, turned into jewels are the signature of Asad Ventrella collections, a mix of art and history.

“Extraordinary” is the name of the parure created by maison Rovian of Torre del Greco, made of gold, peau d’ange and natural diamonds. A treat like “Raffaello” rings with precious stones and cabochon in red, pink, or white coral.

A union of tradition and modernity, with corals, pearls, and precious stones with gold and platinum, is created by Fratelli De Simone, a family whose handiworks are famous since 1855.

Eleganti and portebonheur, Angela Puttini Capri “Ad Maiora” collection comes from Neapolitan playing cards and their esoteric meaning.

Unique like “Entropia” and “Congiunzioni” collections by Paola Grande: the first in pink gold, diamonds and rock crystal rings with geometric shapes; the second made up by 5 elements rings in white or yellow gold and diamonds.[charme-gallery]

Perfect mix of old manufacture and new shapes for Sara Lubrano jewels, in red, pink, and yellow gold, silver, and bronze devoted to the woman who likes to change the stone depending on the moment.

In natural or golden silver, the new creations of Giuliana Grande, designer able to melt naturalist and abstract inspirations with geometrical shapes.

Silver, bronze, amber, coral, pearls, and stones for Marte gioielli created by Simona Danaro, unique pieces made by skilful artisans.

Gold, silver, bronze, stones, and crystals for the iconic jewels of eco-ethic designer Alessandra Libonati with her original collections “Cancelli”, “Bottoni” and “Fumo”.

Fascinating like the hand-made bijoux by Alessandra Avallone: colours like yellow, orange and blue, Indian inspirations, and shabby chic style.

Last but not least, Cikorefice jewels by the Neapolitan designer Ciro Orefice: masterpieces of precious art sculpted in his workshop in via Filangieri.[charme-gallery]