The Master who creates elegance


Each of his creations bear the shades the flavors, the culture and the elegance of the old Neapolitan tradition”. These are the words of Daniel Mateo Montalcini, grandson of Rita Levi . Lello Antonelli’s High Fashion Tailoring, in its new and prestigious location of Palazzo Leonetti, is the reference for the fashion of the Neapolitan Aristocracy and upper Bourgeoisie. “Summer 2016 sees the return to linen and to soft colors like blue and pink” . [charme-gallery]The motto of the atelier is “The work created in the shop makes the elegance which lives in the street”.

Sartoria Antonelli
Via dei Mille 40
(Palazzo Leonetti) Napoli
tel. +39.081.549.75.71