The pleasure of hired luxury


When beauty and comfort meet, pleasure is the result. This is the philosophy of Turco Global Service, a business specialised in the hire of luxury cars and boats set up in 2002 by the Neapolitan engineer Angelo Turco who insists on the highest quality in both customer service and the prestigious vehicles in his fleet. Vehicle hire is a growth market, thanks to the obvious advantages it affords – access to luxury transport without the worries of maintenance, insurance and wear, and Turco Global Service aims to give further satisfaction to its clients by extending its range of services to include exclusive itineraries focussing on the best in food and drink, luxury facilities and artworks. These recommended itineraries will Incorporate exclusive events, breathtaking scenery and haute cuisine at locations that clients can reach in some of the world’s most beautiful cars.[charme-gallery] Turco Global Service is also about to open a prestigious showroom inBologna, which will serve the whole of Northern Italy, and has entered a partnership with “Auto Europa – holdingSicilyby Car” which covers the whole country. In this way TGS clients can always count on the company’s renowned experience, courtesy and expertise and enjoy the thrill of ‘dominating’ a Ferrari, listen to the roar of a Maserati or Porsche and admire the elegant lines of an Aston Martin or Lamborghini anywhere inItaly. Finally, the Platinum Club is a new international facility for only our most prestigious clients, who will be able to benefit from a selection of top-ofthe-range prepaid ‘packages’ thanks to the modern and exclusive Platinum Card.