The siren who rises on exclusive ties

The siren Parthenope, symbol of the city of Naples, is the protagonist of the new line of hand-made ties and colored beach towels


The siren Parthenope found and gave the name to the city of Naples. sHE is the protagonist of the new collection of hand-made silk ties by Maison Cilento. Tiny suns, small darting fish, and  little Parthenope sirens, decorate the ties which are unique masterpieces.

On the tail of Maison Cilento’s exclusive ties, stands the imposing Castel dell’Ovo. The magic and lucky mermaid also decorates  the new and colorful beach towels in sponge, launched by the maison.

artigiani-del-lusso-napoli-ugo cilento
artigiani-del-lusso-napoli-ugo cilento

Maison Cilento is the temple of fashion in Chiaja, a reference point for elegance in the world.

Cilento & F.llo dal 1780
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