Megayacht, Neapolitan luxury wins the challenge of the sea

cantieri navali palumbo mega yacht

It all begun with “Prima”, launched in 2011. The 54 metres of Columbus 177’ series is the pride of Gruppo Palumbo, the shipping company owner of “Columbus Yacht”. Bought by a Russian magnate, it had a special mention at the “World Superyacht Awards”, and the “Green Star Plus” for its low impact on the environment. In 2013 “40S Hybrid” won the “Show Boats Design Awards”. Year 2015. The launch is double: a “Classic” 57 metres, and the “Sport Hybrid” 40 metres. An Arab spends his relax days on the first, while a Russian sails the waves on the second.[charme-gallery]The group of Antonio Palumbo has five shipyards in Naples, Messina, Malta, and Marseille, with 14 dry docks for the repair, building, transformation, and maintenance of any kind of ships. The Neapolitan shipping company has been awarded also by the former President Giorgio Napolitano. Its new challenge is a floating “palace” 100 metres long: it will be the admiral ship of Palumbo, to satisfy the passion of who is living the sea in a super-luxurious way.

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