Ties and scarves dedicated to Naples and to the Real Persano horses

cilento cravatta foulard real razza persano

The Maison Cilento 1780 is well-known for its style, its craftsmanship, its finest raw materials and the meticulous attention given to details.The fashion house, which is famous for its silk ties settepighe, has recently produced new special editions: The porte-bonheur cornucopia, together with ties which have been inspired by three ancient horse breeds: the Real Persano Horse, the Neapolitan Horse and the Salernitan Horse. The ties dedicated to the Real promenade of Chiaja and to the Harmonic Case, which is housed in the Villa Comunale of Naples, are charming and stylish, as  the newest perfumes launched by the Maison.

Cilento &F.llo dal 1780
Via Riviera di Chiaia 203-204, Napoli
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