Parade of style for the new collection of Luciano Esposito


It’s written  “Vicolo Santi” but you have to read it as  exclusive haute couture creations signed by the designer Luciano Esposito of Naples . To accompany the fashion show , the warm notes dell’Araputo Zen jazz trio , white & gold in the halls of Palazzo Arlotta , in Chiatamone : Neapolitan headquarters of the Consulate of Bulgaria .


Under the spotlight , forty expertly tailored suits declined in chanel fabric , lace and shiny satin , embellished with embroidery and pearl inserts dedicated optical , prints and Swarovski demi that is all over with geometric, abstract patterns , references to Byzantine style mosaics and stylized flowers.
At the center of the walkway , the sensual retro fifties style which featured coats with three-quarter sleeves and little belts tromp d’oeil as well as dusters that screwed down to the bell.

And again, defiantly pink fake fur jackets worn over suit with pants that reflect light wool and pinstripes lines of men’s fashion appropriately revised .Returns ultra-feminine embroidery and unusual lapel jackets instead of on the rear of the front. The pride of the collection , a stylish wedding dress ” old fashion ” , with lots of handy pockets for wedding out of the ordinary . And as the baby mannequin Marida the beautiful daughter hospitable “landlord ” , the lawyer Gennaro Famiglietti .
Everything is very glamorous , as well as the precious footwear created ad hoc by the designer Sabina Albano.

Petit  Atelier Vicoli Santi
Via dei Mille, 1 Naples