It’s time for corollas and big leaves (first part)

Bruno Caruso

The most popular Neapolitan designers have covered with flowers and leaves the must-haves of their F/W collections.

Vintage atmospheres, corollas and big leaves for Roccobarocco, who proposes evening dresses, pointing and pencil skirts. Mixed materials and unusual matches: damask, brocade, lace, tweed. An alchemy of nuances for hyper-feminine clothes.

For Bruno Caruso sensuality shows through precious fabrics, hand-made black&white roses, lace, long fringes, and exclusive party dresses covered with red and fuchsia dahlias.[charme-gallery] Pony skin shoes with floral patterns for Mario Valentino. Works of art with contrasts, geometrical shapes, and different heels heights. And then A-line coats, feathers on cool jackets, and leather leggings with maxi t-shirts.

Bams proposes high quality half-boots, decolletes, slippers, trainers, and lace-ups. With a great care for details, Neapolitan tradition is paired to modern materials like corduroy, leathers, and Indonesian silk.

End of the first part