Napoli bespoke: crafts on display at Palazzo Leonetti


Partenope on … measure. The best “Hand Made” goes on show in the magical setting of Palazzo Leonetti in Naples. The event is scheduled for this evening, starting at 6:30 pm, in the elegant atelier of a master tailor Lello Antonelli, in Via dei Mille (number 40). This is the ideal scenario in which fans and lovers of the “beautiful dress” will enjoy the enchantment that only crafts and custom creations are able to guarantee. To welcome them, together with the “hosts” of the inimitable tailoring, the creations of Sara Lubrano Handmade Jewelry, the haute couture woman Albachiara by Susi Sposito, the clutch sartorial of Nunzia Duraccio and the the artistic furnishing complements of Geppino Maro. A mix unique flavor. Able to match the high school apparel made in Partenope to fashion accessories of high quality. For an evening … strong colors.