Born in Naples the…”tie of the thief” signed Cilento

La cravatta del ladro griffata Cilento

Born in Naples the “tie of the thief“, with a drawing of a shower of notes and the most classic images: the little man with the black patch over his eyes and pierced the loot on his shoulders. The idea of the historic couture Maison Cilento 1780 “because – explains Ugo Cilento, representative of the eighth generation of the family of master tailoring driving the Maison Neapolitan – we must never lose the taste of irony, even in the face of authentic dramas such as that of corruption. and then – adds recalling the great traditional Neapolitan – we want to be optimistic and tear a smile because it has to passà ‘to Nutt. ”

In the three classic colors (red, blue and navy), with micropatterns banknotes embroidered in silk and the image of the thief, also embroidered on the tail, the “seven crease” the thief is part of the collection that has dedicated Cilento 1780 professions and trades. 40 ties that are, ironically, recount the work of cooks (with caps chef), journalists (with fountain pen), politicians (with the ballot), lawyers (with the toga), pharmacists (with micropillole) and even playboy (with hearts). Ties that have been a great success, with significant sales to those of journalists (practically impossible), lawyers and accountants. This success, however, does not seem to be favorable to the last born: the “tie of the thieves” were sold only a few copies. Obviously top secret the name of the buyers by Ugo Cilento that, with humor and a smile, said: “There is a tie that went to steal.”