Porcelain and infinite care


Small bouquets or baskets brimming with daisies, sunflowers and roses with hundred of petals and young buds are the porcelain masterpieces crafted for over 30 years in the famous Capodimonte style by Ceramiche Artistiche Napoletane. ‘Quality and tradition’ have always been trademark features of Antonio Riccio’s firm of skilled artisans, who painstakingly produce prefect and unique objects in  the Bourbon tradition. Until a few years ago, these objects were used as souvenir gifts for ceremonies like christenings and weddings but modern colours and designs are increasingly being used for items commemorating more mundane events like graduation days and birthdays. Consequently, Ceramiche Artistiche Napoletane has extended its product range beyond the classic flowers sector to include seashells, the Vespa 50 special, the Fiat 500 and the more modern Smart as well as children’s toys. For an original gift, there is nothing better than a large basket of flowers – whose petals, leaves, buds and the wicker basket all made of porcelain, of course – or a beautiful porcelain picture, which combines the beauty of fine painting with traditional Capodimonte craftsmanship.[charme-gallery]