The Elegance of the Past

sarto napoli uomo lello antonelli

The showroom of  Lello Antonelli is located in the exclusive Palazzo Leonetti, in Via dei Mille. His latest collection takes inspiration from the style and the elegance of yesteryear:  vintage suits and melange jackets with garish square patterns.[charme-gallery]The fabrics are consistent and smooth, covered by a Neapolitan cappottella, just above the knee, with three visible buttons in corozo. The contrast between scarves and ties is eye-catching. The shirts are in voile, twill, poplin and batiste fabrics, in white and heavenly dust tones.[charme-gallery]The silk neckties are printed, or in jacquard patterns.Men who dress Lello Antonelli, always have style, elegance and personality.

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Sartoria Antonelli
Via dei Mille 40 (Palazzo Leonetti) Napoli
Tel. +39 081 549.75.71