Sartorial art deserving golden scissors

sartoria napoletana antonelli

Tailcoats, tuxedos, coats, waistcoats, jackets, trousers, and shirts. The tailoring art made in Naples finds its sublimation thanks to Raffaele Antonelli. The tailor-made suits forged in the atelier in via dei Mille are rigorously hand-made. Thanks to his care for work every piece shows an outstanding care for detail. In 2002 Raffaele has won the competion “Golden Scissor” made by the National Academy of Tailors and the prize of the “British Corner Club”. Maestro Raffaele is handing down the secrets of his art to his collaborators so that his passion and ability will not get lost.

Sartoria Antonelli
Via dei Mille 40 (Palazzo Leonetti), Napoli                                                                               tel / fax: +39.081.5497571