Wearing Central Park leaves at your feet

scarpe artigianali paolo scafora

The Neapolitan shoe designer for his new collection of handmade shoes has chosen the natural spectacle of fallen leaves in Central Park, seen during his last journey to New York.  Classy and quality shoes, rigorously handmade in Scafora laboratory following a lofty artisanal tradition..

For the new collection, the Neapolitan designer has decided to choose quality skins, like cordovan and American alligator, paired with lining in mink, nutria, and ermine. The shades are warm, like “Autunno”, a mixture of brown, green, and yellow. Scafora shoes are good to see, to touch, and especially to wear.

Paolo Scafora
Via Tavernola, 8 – Casandrino (Na)
Tel. +39.081.830.48.08