Walking is not the same old story

Paolo Scafora scarpe fatte a mano

Wearing a pair of Paolo Scafora shoes means becoming part of a history made of refinement, care of details, manufacture, and experience, qualities that originate from the long-lasting handmade tradition of this family business, operating for over half a century.

The working process, based on a “culture of footwear”, combines different styles and materials: Italian calfskin, English suede, French box-calf, crocodile, ostrich, python, and American shell cordovan (a single piece of horse skin used to made only one pair of shoes).

Shoes-models stand for perfection. Lines, fabrics, and details become genuine works of art. The same philosophy lies behind the production of bags, belts, wallets and other accessories created by Paolo Scafora.

Paolo Scafora
Via Tavernola, 8 – Casandrino (Naples-Italy)

Tel: +39.081.830.48.08