Unique and long-lasting shoes


Paolo Scafora in Naples is renowned for fashion masterpieces rigorously hand made from calfskin, British suede, French box-calf, ostrich and python skins, American shell cordovan leather and even crocodile hide. For over 50 years the family business has crafted exclusive made-to-measure and standard-size shoes for lovers of the perfect look in Italy and abroad.[charme-gallery] In recent times the world’s most elegant men– with New Yorkers leading the field – have chosen Paolo Scafora, knowing that they can count on the best leathers, comfort, originality, elegance, attention to detail and personalised features achieved through a traditional hand-made process lasting 20 hours.

Paolo Scafora
Via Tavernola 8, Casandrino (Naples)
tel. +39 081 8304808