Silk adornments for Buckingham Palace and the White House


In 1776 King Ferdinand I of Bourbon set up the Royal Silk Factory at San Leucio where jacquard silk was produced for the world’s noblest houses, and in the mid 19th century the silk-weaving company Tesseci – Tessitura Serica Cicala – continued in the royal tradition, preparing silks for the world’s most famous buildings, including the Kremlin, Buckingam Palace and the parliament houses of Italy and Australia.[charme-gallery] Bedspreads and fabrics are made using traditional techniques to prepare the web and transfer it onto a loom, where the splendid ton sur ton designs are created and colour is exploited. The weaving phase is where Computer Aided Design technology comes into the equation to help create a design and simulate the final result while the dyeing process can create an infinite range of nuances to meet even the most demanding clients’ needs. [charme-gallery]In the finest traditions of San Leucio, silk holds the centre stage but Tesseci also produces cotton, viscose, linen and Bemberg as well as flame-proof fibres like Trevira Cs, Fidion and Kanecaron. Whether natural or synthetic, selfcoloured or striped, the inimitable Tesseci fabrics add a touch of elegance to house which transforms it into a kingdom.