Fashion show at the Teodoro Palace with “Les Merveilles” by Bruno Caruso


Over three hundred guests applauded the couturier Bruno Caruso at the end of the show to present the 2015 collection Les Merveilles. The fashion show, which was held in the magnificent halls of Palazzo San Teodoro on the Riviera di Chiaia in Naples, he saw on the catwalk over 40 heads of line evening gowns, wedding dress and man. At the end of the evening Bruno Caruso has announced its intention to set up an academy for young couturier in Naples with the intention of teaching young apprentices the art of Neapolitan tailoring and does not disperse well, a precious handmade craft that Fausto Sarli at Bruno Caruso sees made in Naples promoted and appreciated around the world.

An interesting project that can not go unnoticed and should be supported – said the president of the Fashion section of the Industrial Union of Naples, Carlo Palmieri The proposed action goes in the direction that a few years support among industrialists and we will confront all sartorial excellence that we represent“.


Forty leaders presented to the bride innovation is in the tissues, due to thirst and stretch satin which accompany the body. There are plenty of lace, precious and beloved by the designer, or the opulent capes to wear to church to cover the neckline and the transparency of the clothes. Rich fabrics, embellished with pearls and precious stones as well as the hairstyles and veils. The lengths vary, but almost always prefer the long train. The white silk is joined this year by a warm and lovely honey color.

The collection dedicated to the great evening invents short dresses and curved, Bruno Caruso drew inspiration from the 50s and 60s, gored skirts, soft round match in participating with plunging necklines or bodices with shoulder asymmetrical lines. I note with great flowers embellish fabrics satin, lace and lace that come with tulle. Blue, silver, gold and black are the favorite colors of Bruno Caruso for the evening shows, however, a fresh powder pink and red Valentine aggressive. They are always clean lines dedicated to men of Bruno Caruso, inspired by the classic Neapolitan tailoring, which is great performer and true conservative. Also Classic colors black, dark blue and gray cargo. Innovative, instead, in the tissues proposes a shantung inverted to obtain a greater versatility and lightness.


Many guests from abroad, in the front rows of the ballroom of the Palazzo San Teodoro sat the daughter of Sheikh of Qatar, Aicha Bolhão Aboutkaalil, the owner of the famous Parisian restaurant African Lounge, Ami Bello and from Zurich the Swiss Italian entrepreneur Miriam Marini, customers from all years of the neapolitan designer. But many entrepreneurs Neapolitans such as Paula Rubino, owner of Kimbo with her husband Sergio di Sabato, the president of the Fashion section of the Industrial Union of Naples, Carlo Palmieri, CEO of Carpisa and Yamamay. In the dining room also many familiar faces of Neapolitan society including Antonella Numis, the owner of the school Adolphe Ferierre, the lawyer Enrico Bonelli with Mrs. Carmen, Anna Sommella, Fabio and Celeste Fuschino singer and actress Anna Capasso.