A perfect mix of glamor and spirituality for “The scapular” signed My Charm


Combines the glamor perfection and spirituality, the newest member of My Charm house: “The scapular”. Authentic necklace made of gold or silver, embellished with two rectangular medals, one coming down the front illuminating the neckline and the other, which is to lie down on your back.

An auspicious jewel, single and double at the same time, inspired by worn scapulars since ancient times by the religious, symbol of love and divine protection guarantee.

For the occasion, the Neapolitan brand offers a stylish reinterpretation of key ‘ “dress” blessed holy robe-sided metaphor, intended to protect the way and at the same time cover the shoulders from danger.

Specifically, the phrases engraved on the two pending: the Theological Virtues, pillars of Christian spirituality, in short phrases from the best-known Old Testament psalms, through the Cardinal Virtues … and beyond.

Given the origin of the Scapular, values and images selected course follow religion, love and protection, for themselves and for their loved ones.

Fashion object refined and very special, “The scapular” by My Charm is designed primarily for women, but is also available in men’s version, for children and for the whole family.

It declined in up to 39 variations, tone on tone or contrasting, with or without stones, thanks to the “sliding” system, the length of the necklace can be modified at will, on the front and on the back, to find himself so more different jewel suitable for every occasion and outfit.

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