It’s time for corollas and big leaves (part two)

Alessio Visone (foto di Salvio Parisi)

…Roses and poppies on the tailor-made clothes by Daniela Danesi, who chooses Italian fabrics and merino wool, combined with particular colour matchings.

Big flowers for Luciano Esposito and his “Vicoli Santi”, on waisted velour coats, ‘50s shirts, tops, and cocktail dresses with tight bustiers and balloon skirts, where pied-de-poule mixes with flowers.

Amina Rubinacci opts for a delicate androgyny, that shows through silhouettes and fabrics for party coats and smoking-trousers. Jacquard and tweed are in brand-new colours, as the light hand-made cashmere jumpers.

Alessio Visone collaborates with the artist Sergio Fermariello: stylized knights, coming from a distant past, live on laser-cut fabrics. The dresses are long and ample, inspiration come from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s for a delicate and dynamic Amazon.

Baroque taste with a modern twist for Satriano Cinque. Contrasts like leather mixed with Chanel weave, brocades, quilted and men fabrics, details in colourful eco-fur.

Balloon dresses and coats with British patterns for Alessandro Legora, who proposes wool ponchos with suede fringes, for a new hippy chic look.

End of the second part