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San Gregorio Armeno: History and legends of the street of cribs

The presence of craftsmen in San Gregorio Armeno street, the Neapolitan street of cribs, was due to the existence, during the centuries, of the Roman empire....

Sanctuaries of faith, where favours are asked for

Churches, basilicas, sanctuaries: cultic places full of treasures and works of art, received as donations for a “grazia ricevuta” (favour received). They were built...

Sacred Music and holy buildings, Partenope celebrate the magical union

Six churchs for seven concerts absolutely free. The attractive exhibition that blends with the landscape of the seven notes of the sacred to be held...

Great music in Naples for the ladies of San Gregorio Armeno

The New Scarlatti Orchestra opens its Fall Musical, Saturday, Oct. 18, at 18.30, with a date of great beauty: unreleased versions of the great...