Great music in Naples for the ladies of San Gregorio Armeno

L'interno della chiesa di San Gregorio Armeno

The New Scarlatti Orchestra opens its Fall Musical, Saturday, Oct. 18, at 18.30, with a date of great beauty: unreleased versions of the great pages of the sacred and profane ‘700 Neapolitan and European resonate, in fact, after nearly three centuries in place for which they were conceived, the splendid Church of San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of the Historic Center of Naples. These transcripts, mostly handwritten, made for the recreation of the so-called “Benedictine dame”, or the religious and the rich boarders of the Neapolitan visitors of the convent.
This extraordinary concert, musical preview of Autumn in New Scarlatti Orchestra, is also in consideration of the place, free entry subject to availability.
Participate, with the Ensemble Baroque of of New Scarlatti Orchestra, two artists of the Neapolitan Baroque music specialists: soprano Cristina Grifone and flutist Tommaso Rossi (recorder and flute).
In addition to instrumental pieces by Francesco Mancini and Aniello Sant’Angelo, it will range from Pergolesi’s religious Laetatus sum to an unprecedented reworking of the famous What shall I do without Euridice by Gluck, an air dell’Artaserse of Leonardo Vinci, full of all the ‘energy and all the movement that inspired this brilliant work Neapolitan father, the Nitteti of Pasquale Anfossi, Foggiano’s composer the vein of intense lyricism, acclaimed in Europe, admired and imitated by Mozart.
This program was executed on August 30 as part of the Festival of Nations in Città di Castello Tribute to Armenia.
The Fall New Scarlatti’s music will continue with a full calendar of events in November and December. This year, in addition to the Diocesan Museum (first date: November 8), the exhibition will also take place in other prestigious venues around the city.

Music for the “Ladies” of San Gregorio
New Scarlatti Orchestra
Saturday, October 18, 2014 – 18:30
Naples, Church of San Gregorio Armeno
Free admission subject to availability
Pages vocal and instrumental GB Pergolesi, F. Mancini, Ch. W. Gluck, P. Anfossi, A. Sant’Angelo, L. Vinci.