Taste of technology to the Smau Campania: Bridge of Star Trek becomes real


The holograms Bridge of Star Trek becomes reality: will be ready at the beginning of 2015 the first technology to create a virtual reality augmented, in which you can interact with “holograms”. The prototype is present in Naples, within the Campania Smau Next, the event dedicated to innovation for businesses, which opened its doors this morning, in the spaces of the Exhibition Hall 6 Overseas. Visitors were offered a real taste of the technology of the future: it can, in fact, visit the ancient Pompeii was before the eruption, walking in the streets of the ancient Roman town, enter the homes or traveling in the Solar System. ”We are working on the development kit of Oculus, the viewer that allows you to enjoy virtual reality, recently purchased by Facebook”, explained Valentina De Luca, marketing director of SpinVector, the company that is developing the technology. SpinVector is integrating the viewer two cameras that simulate the eyes of the person wearing it and so can not see herself and other people present. With cameras and sensors positioned in the environment, that capture the user’s movements, ”the viewer – said De Luca – provides access to an interactive augmented reality, in which the real integrates the virtual”. So for example, you can simulate a safari in which you interact with the animals. The images are projected in the viewer but it is not a movie, looks even De Luca: ”projections, thanks to our software, are interactive in real time and change according to the movements of the user. Users can see the 3D world from different perspectives based on their recorded position in space, as if you were in a huge game room”. The technology in fact opens the door to a new generation of video games, in which “dive” in scale. Other possible applications include museums (such as the reconstruction of the ancient city) and entertainment. The technology can also be used in training (to simulate a rescue), architecture (buildings designed to rebuild) or in making prototypes. In the case of automobiles, for example, you can open the door and get in the car to try it, as if it were real.