Libraries open doors in Naples to give voice to the history books


Sunday, October 5th Naples makes an encore of art and culture.
Yes you read right, over the renewed appointment with the opening free of many state museums in Campania, offering initiatives you add the show “Sunday Paper 2014: the voice of history and books.”
On Sunday, in all Italy there will be the opportunity to visit 46 of 135 State Public Libraries and State Archives State Archives, a unique opportunity to learn and discover our rich heritage paper.
But let’s see in detail the initiatives that affect Naples.
According to reports from Archival Superintendency for the region, to open its doors to the public will be the prestigious Palazzo Marigliano, where they will be carried out multimedia projections designed to illustrate the tasks and activities of the Archival Superintendency and to spread the knowledge of the heritage cataloged monitored.
At the same time you can also visit the imposing headquarters of the Institute and the apartment on the main floor of the impressive building.
But it did not end there because the feast day of the pages of ink, could not miss the many ancient volumes, hosted by the National Library of Naples.
The prestigious cultural institution will organize guided tours, exhibitions and events and hear, hear, the same day you will be able to attend the inauguration of the exhibition “Among the papers of Eduardo”, with pictures and documents, directly coming from the Archives De Filippo.
The festival has many ruins and relics of the great theatrical showman, will lead the visitor through a magical journey through theatrical scripts, actors and film scripts, photographs, posters, playbills, letters, newspaper clippings, sketches, contracts, allowing us to go borderò the route the human and artistic genius of the histrionic stage, starting from the beginning with the documents relating to his father Eduardo Scarpetta until the season of the great triumphs and great masterpieces.
What can I say, we can only look forward to the event which closed the week in the best way.

“Sunday paper 2014”
October 5, 2014, Naples, Italy
Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III, Piazza del Plebiscito 1, tel: 081 781 9111
Palazzo Marigliano, via San Biagio dei Booksellers, 39, Naples

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