Art, folklore and nature make more beautiful the May of Monuments


This year in Naples , for the 20th edition of May of the Monuments, the main cultural sites Neapolitans will be showcasing all their beauties to do … blow on the public! The program of the festival which will be held from May 1 – the day traditionally linked to Labor Day – to June 1, 2014, it is really thick and rich. And after having shown the first of the eight must-see tours of the exhibition that takes its cue from the famous text by Benedetto Croce: “Stories and Legends Neapolitan” , it becomes a must go to the second of eight planned tourist routes in the city siren Partenope. An authentic “grand tour” that leads us to discover the places that have made the art and history of Naples , thanks to the initiatives promoted by the city’s numerous cultural associations involved in the now customary celebration of spring.

It starts with the fact guided tours of the Art in the Metro stations , which will be held every weekend in the month of May, thanks to the volunteers of Legambiente 2000 Neapolis accompany tourists and fans to discover the heritage of contemporary art that is hidden in the belly Partenope, including piers , escalators, walls and and shelters of the extraordinary stations that make up the new line of the Naples metro.
Still, scheduled nature and historic trails in the company of representatives of the La Collina Gentile offering unusual itineraries in Naples alleys, stairs , art and green: a blend of art, nature and culture, but also of folklore and tradition.

Instead, for those who want to discover the city of Pulcinella in a different light , the Association  Archintorno organizes for all Saturdays of the month tours in the dark, during which it will be possible to discover the baroque monument of San Giuseppe dalle Scalze admiring the sunset in the evening in the light of the torches.


For those who love the sea instead of Naples, in May of Monuments offers a unique opportunity: the chance to throw yourself in the bright and beautiful waters of the natural reserve of Gaiola the discovery of archaeological remains submerged ancient Rome. There, on the seabed of Partenope, where the Association Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Gaiola non-profit organization will take you on days 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, ​​24, 25, 31 May and 1 June, organizing paths into the boat, the discovery of archaeological remains that lie just steps away from the coastline.

Finally, the first part of the second missed itinerary , provides a touch of spirituality with a visit to the Fontanelle Cemetery , sponsored by Mani e Vulcani  scheduled on days 1, 4, 11,18, 25 May and 1 June 2 and a breath of art cocktail hour with an appointment scheduled for 2, 9 , 16, 23, 30 May with the initiative designed by the Viviquartiere Naples: art hour that includes a guided visit to the Mostra Impossibile and to follow assorted drinks and snacks.