The ancient Pompeii seduces Turkey


The ancient Pompeii seduces even Turkey. The leadership of the Tursab, the National Association of Travel Agencies of the country’s half-moon, visited the ruins of the town Marian rimanendone literally impressed. The most famous archaeological site in the world is, in fact, among the goals of exception identified by the tour operators Turkish toward which to direct the many visitors from Turkey, as a result of the introduction of direct flights Naples-Instambul, are allocated to increase substantially in the coming years. The group visiting the archaeological reports, received by officials of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, was able to admire some of the most beautiful sights of Pompeii: The Forum with its splendid public buildings and temples, the Baths Stabiane the Abundance Way, the main street of the Roman city with its thermopolia, the electoral inscriptions along the walls, the major domus, and finally, the area of the Theatres. The aim of the visit is just to be able to understand, appreciate and therefore adequately convey and promote the beauty and uniqueness of the site to tour operators in Turkey and, through them, to the many potential tourists. Similar collaborative initiatives that are fully covered by the perspective of the Superintendent intends to focus its attention more and more towards the promotion and enhancement of the site.