Literature at the palace, the cultural days in the shadow of Vesuvius


When the words take shape and turn into feelings and emotions strong emotional impact.
This is what happens in many cultural salons of Naples, where he is currently under the Eighth Edition of the “Meeting of reading aloud”.
It is a regular appointment with the vast literary landscape in which intellectuals, writers, and readers will discuss the texts in the center of the debate, in the main spaces dedicated to knowledge.
But we see in detail the next meeting.
Tuesday, October 28th in the halls of Pan, at 17.00 Conrad and the translator Sergio Franco Filice meet the German writer Jo Lendle, author of “The Cosmonaut”, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut in Naples.
Still, the evening continues with a reading of 18.30 Enzo Solomon and Ross Valenti who will lead the audience on a poetic journey of travel and shipwrecks, from Homer to often.

Finally, the last tranche of the day you move in the foyer of the Teatro Bellini, where the presentation will take place at 19.30 aperitif of the book “They get all” writer Simone Laudiero.
It continues Wednesday, October 29th in the temple par excellence of knowledge, the National Library of Naples, particularly in the American Institute of Culture, where at 16:00 you can watch the readings from Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, and then continue to ‘in the company of Professor. Mario Mastropaolo and philosopher John Caserta.
And among the cultural buildings for the occasion open wide its doors could not miss some of the Grenoble Institute of French culture in the city of Naples, which on this occasion is home to 18.00 Fabrizio Valletti and Silvio Perrella that meet Serena Gaudino and his book Antigone in Scampia and follow meeting with the writer Maurizio De Giovanni again at the Pan 19.00.
The Palace of Arts will be the scene repeats and also the appointments of Thursday, October 30 at 17:30, at which time they are expected to speak Marino Sinibaldi and actor and director Massimo Andrei.
And for the grand finale of Friday, October 31, all the Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli, who will become a laboratory for primary school children, conducted by the association  A Voce Alta, from 9.30 to 12.30 with the cycle Shipwrecks in the story and reading of students of junior and senior high schools in Naples and its province, with the participation of Mirella Barraco, president of the Foundation Naples Ninety-nine.
The circle is finally starting point, or the Museum of via dei mille, which are expected at 19.30 Lagioia writer Nicholas and his book “The ferocity. our lives in perfect storm at the beginning of the twenty-first century”, in which the actor Luigi Lo Cascio will read several passages.

“Incontri di lettura a voce alta”
27-31 october 2014, Naples
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