Born in Naples the pizza with sea water


Born in Naples the pizza with sea water instead of salt to enhance the flavors of the ingredients and give a hand to health. The initiative is the master pizzaiuolo Guglielmo Vuolo that, after months of testing with five thousand pizzas with seawater already baked and made to taste its customers, today in the pizzeria “Eccellenze Campane“, in Naples, proposes to lunch or dinner, only pizza made with the dough made with sea water instead of salt. A complex technique, which requires a long leavening (over 20 hours), at room temperature, because the total absence of salt and sodium chloride creates problems in the preparation of the dough. Vuolo problems that surpassed in recent months “creating – he explains – a pizza lighter, soft, digestible, attentive to the well-being and the pleasure of the palate, allowing the discovery of authentic flavors of the ingredients.” And ‘the case of the “Portulaca” pizza with San Marzano tomatoes dried in the sun, black olives, anchovies of Cetara and a splash of seawater on the “purslane” (in Neapolitan dialect “pucchiacchiella“), a salad (forgotten ) of the country tradition bell, sown and harvested exclusively for this pizza about 4,000 square meters between Acerra and the San Felice Gate, in company certified Agriselva under IPM. The water of the sea, of course, is not what you can pick up along the coast, but a product microbiologically pure food, made from Steralmar of Bisceglie, after a lengthy trial on the basis of a memorandum of understanding signed with the Council National Research (CNR) on 9 May 2012. “In this case – said Luigi Nicolais, president of the National Research Council during the presentation last night in Naples – Research and innovation are geared to protecting the health and well-being through a ‘eating healthier without affecting the organoleptic aspect of food. ” “While the salt is almost exclusively sodium chloride, very harmful to health – said Vincenzo Di Donna, a specialist in vascular surgery and one of the leaders of the research that led to the production of sea water – water of the sea there are fewer than 92 different elements of the periodic table. The goal – added – is able to replace the salt with the sea water, both in the feed, both in the production of food, even at industrial level”. “Eccellenze Campane – explained the entrepreneur Paolo Scudieri – supported the master Vuolo use of sea water for the preparation of pizza in the belief that the excellent food to be valued more in their strong and undeniable link with the territory” .