Coffee Waffles of Neapolitan taste

Since 1920, Italmoka produces coffee using an antique working method: wood roasting. Here is the secret of its rich flavor, at the bar as at home

Cialde di caffè napoletano - Italmoka
Cialde di caffè napoletano - Italmoka

The Italmoka company selects its coffee beans from all over the world and still uses hand-crafted toasting with seasoned wood.

The magical mixing of the beans, together with traditional working methods, make Italmoka a Neapolitan excellence. The Italmoka coffee is a true  handmade coffee, that can be enjoyed even at home, thanks to the Ebay shop: there one can buy packs of 250 grams of freshly ground coffee or 1 kilogram packs of toasted beans.

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