Exquisite prizes from the Vesuvius lavic


Passion, quality and tradition inspire the activity of the agricultural producer, Sapori Vesuviani in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park. Typical products of the lavic soil are transformed. From the piennolo tomatoes to the DPO apricots, precious goods which only the coast near Vesuvius can offer.[charme-gallery]

Under the vigilant eye of Pasquale Imperato, the owner, everything is processed adapting modern technology to age-old rites, producing an offer of unique quality products: Vesuvian apricots and Neapolitan marrow, the vanilla cachi and the Neapolitan aubergines are all exquisite. Everything is comes in branded packaging, a finalist in the Green Oscars of 2011.[charme-gallery]

Azienda agricola Sapori Vesuviani

Strada provinciale Pugliano, 16

80055 – Portici (Napoli)

tel. +39.081.775.39.49