Bucatini with rabbit sauce. Here is the recipe of how to make Procida

Recipe with two tops of the bell kitchen, bucatini and rabbit. Once you try, you will not forget

bucatini al sugo di coniglio ricetta

The use of the rabbit in the kitchen made in Naples dates back to the Angioini, that sweet tooth of its meat, they favored farms. A Ischia, was a must use rabbit bred in the pit, but now you just have animals raised on the ground. In this recipe, typical of the island of Postman by Michael Radford, Libera Giovanna Badalucci chef boss SottoSopra, local of Marina di Procida, wrote to us and tells us how this dish takes shape and delight the palates of islanders and tourists visiting in ‘island jewel of the Gulf of Naples. Let’s see the ingredients and preparation.

Ingredients for four people: a rabbit, two white onions or coppery, a whole head of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, 3 or 4 bay leaves, a bundle of parsley and a handful of basil, one or two chilies, and optionally if you like, two mint leaves, cherry tomatoes datterini for about 300 grams, a tablespoon of lard, 400 grams of bucatini (drawn in bronze if possible), extra virgin olive oil, salt, and white wine for blending

Making of recipe

In a non-stick skillet over high edge let brown in olive oil covering the bottom and a tablespoon of lard, the finely chopped onion, the previously crushed garlic, the rosemary, the bay leaves, the leaves basil and mint leaves if you like. When everything is lightly browned, add the rabbit pieces. Fry until the rabbit will have reached a good point of cooking. then add at this point the datterini cut up into four pieces, and after ten minutes, and sprinkle with white wine blended. Let cook until the wine has evaporated completely. Cooked rabbit, and separate from the sauce, bring the pasta al dente, and put in stirring sauce all together on a low heat for a minute also adding a bit ‘of flaked rabbit. Serve, sprinkle with parsley. The rest of the rabbit will eat the plate as second course.

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