Confetti Maxtris, the Neapolitan candy that appeals to 45 peoples

he genuineness of the recipes and the craftsmanship of the processing, plus the love, passion, technological innovation and the highest attention given to the quality of each candy, are the secrets of its success


Millions of delicious and colorful confetti produced in Naples are exported every year to 45 countries around the world. It is no coincidence that the Maxtris Confetti are so popular in Italy and abroad and are recommended by Enzo Miccio, the most famous wedding planner of Italy. They are considered as a must-have for any party or ceremony. For at least a century, the Prisco family have been carrying out this “sweet” tradition. Always aiming to improve their products and meet  customer needs. The Prisco family remain anchored to the authenticity of the recipes and the craftsmanship of the processing. Love, passion, competence and technological innovation, as well as, winning communication skills, are the characteristics of the Neapolitan company: each candy of the wide range is a small and tasty masterpiece.The latest addition is the Maxtris Party line of confetti  which, as the name suggests, is the best product to brighten up birthday parties, but also any other kind of festive event . The Maxtris Party products contain no  artificial coloring.  They are available with a soft centre, brownies, gluten-free biscuits, double chocolate confetti  – white chocolate  and milk chocolate coating – and even confetti shaped like a fish or star (Choco Splash and Choco Stars). A few months after the launch of this new line, which took place in October, Maxtris Party has already reached a great success, only in the original confetti  store of  Italy, the Maxtris Store in Via Calabritto, which is the heart of luxury shopping in Naples.

 Maxtris Store Profumo di Confetto
Via Calabritto, Napoli
Tel. +39.081.764.81.70

Italiana Confetti
Via Cerqua Sant’Antonio
Scisciano (Napoli)
Tel. +39.081.844.28.99