Confectionery heaven for 50 years


Carraturo is not just a landmark in the world of patisserie making, but also a cool venue which generations of Neapolitans have chosen as their preferred meeting place. An enthusiastic passion for the profession inherited by each successive generation is the key to the success of Carraturo, which has just opened new premises in Via Arangio Ruiz, 100 metres from the Mergellina railway station. It all began in 1955 when Vittorio set up his confectioner’s business and undertook his life’s mission: to constantly improve his products and use only the finest soquality ingredients. So much for history; what clients want are Carraturo’s sweets, and they are never disappointed. [charme-gallery]The sfogliatelle of course deserve pride of place, but not far behind are the pastiera and babà specialities, closely followed by the Torta Primavera with strawberries and fresh cream, the forest fruits roll and the vast assortment of mignon patisserie – mini cakes and sweets in a mouthwatering array of colours. Carraturo also prepare a wide range of ice creams and ice cream cakes, not to mention their secret and exclusive recipe for ricotta cheese with pears. So come to Carraturo and take part in the ancient gastronomic rite of a sfogliatella dusted with icing sugar washed down with water and Neapolitan coffee.