Many sweet hearts for foodies

Cuori di Sfogliatella- sfogliatella napoletana

In Corso Novara, Naples, the smell of freshly-baked sfogliatelle comes from Antica Pasticceria “Cuori di Sfogliatella”. The owner Antonio Ferrieri since 1987 has given a twist to the traditional Neapolitan dessert, creating a sfogliatella with a heart made of semolina, candied fruit, and ricotta. Each sfogliatella has a different filling, depending on the season: fruit, ricotta and pear, coffee and chocolate. In the workshop just in front of the Central Station are also made savoury pastries.

Antica Pasticceria Cuori di Sfogliatella
Corso Novara 1 E/F – Napoli
Tel. +39.081.285685
open to h. 6.00 – 23.00[charme-gallery]