Pork loin with mushrooms but with Verdelle of Procida lemons

scaloppine funghi limoni verdi procida

The passion for his land and the simple and genuine cuisine, have brought our friend procidano Gian Luca, to write for us and for our readers another storicetta (recipe with attached narrative that explains how we got to cook the dish ) dedicated this time to a second plate of meat, where, however, to contextualize the belonging island there are the famous Verdelle, small typical green lemon in the period and Procida. Here cum as received.

“I spent on business most of my summer in one of the most beautiful places on the island, the Marina Corricella. A place that you have with its colors and smells it sticks in the mind and heart. But often, and especially in these days of September not exactly benevolent, where the Marina is much quieter due to less influx of tourists (and perhaps also because regarding a tourism driven by different motivations), I happened to walk for the dock and I felt I was missing something, but I could not figure out what.

One evening, returning home after closing early due to rain, my wife, that when it comes to household chores knows only one way to ensure that I collaborate in making them on time, with high tone but gentle brought me back to memory: “you threw the differentiated? “. And I, lying through his teeth, said: “you dear, I’m doing it right now!”. But as you’ll see, it was not true. In fact I had already taken off his shoes and I was looking forward to have a nice invigorating shower and a quiet dinner with his wife and daughter. Faster then, get back your shoes and go to the lemon tree where you accommodated our chic bins of waste. Passing for reasons of space near a lower branch of my plant of a collision lemon a lemon and immediately I am assailed by an incredible scent, that of september lemon Verdelle. That’s what I was missing even though I was down to Corricella![charme-gallery]The scent of lemons of September! Well yes the Navy will also be one of the most beautiful places in the world but the scent of Verdelle over there is just impossible that you could hear. There, there is the sea that reigns, not the earth. Then I decide that I have to cook something using this amazing fragrance and great taste that gives us the nature. I go into the kitchen and open the fridge and try some ingredients that I can be useful. Impact take the slices of pork loin and fungi, and already have in mind the final picture to send to Charming magazine.

The making of recipe is very simple, as most of my modest recipes.

Ingredients: 3 or 4 Verdelle, extra virgin olive oil, 4 slices of pork loin, pink pepper, flour, mushrooms

In a large frying pan (this time I used one of those lava stone), to heat the oil along with the coarsely grated rind of three green Limoncini (precisely Verdelle) adding a pinch of salt and pink peppercorns. Meanwhile, breaded slices of loin. When the oil and flavored of the precious perfume dip the slices and fry for a consistent time to the preferences of the guests by adding a slice of lemon and freshly squeezed juice. When finished cooking, add a little more oil if necessary in a pan and skip the mushrooms along with slices of lemon cut into small pieces. After cooking the mushrooms, and Serve and eat and if you want, even fotografatele. You could also send you some recipes with photos to friends Charming. “