Sea ​​of ​​tasty fruits


Clams, mussels and lupins. Razor clams and cockles. Superfine ingredients for dishes from the Arabian Nights. Seafood caressed by waves and currents. Triumph of flavors that smell of salt water. And from the sea of Earth Felix draw the strength that makes them alive, tasty and inimitable, especially when paired with delicious dishes of spaghetti, paccheri greedy and appetizers. [charme-gallery]Essential ingredients for the preparation of delicious starters and lush seconds. Jewelry for your taste buds that shine on the stalls of the fishmongers. Fried, boiled or served raw with a squeeze of lemon, kidnap at first taste. And seduce even the most demanding of palates.To enjoy the treasures of the sea of Partenope, ingenuity and inventiveness knows no bounds.[charme-gallery] And everything becomes licit forged just to enhance the flavors of Neptune: “We had a sweet to me in this mar”, wrote the poet Leopardi. And the palate can hear the waves of the Gulf already dear to the pilots of Ulysses crashing on the coast full of history of the Earth Felix.