Three generations of fine wine


Forget the science and number-crunching about dosages, percentages and measures. Let the warm, sweet-smelling atmosphere entice the taste buds, telling them the time is ripe to savour the banquet. Fish accompanied by Greco di Tufo white wine with its nuances of vanilla and an aftertaste of peach and almond. Steak or mature cheeses require a good Taurasi, while Fiano goes perfectly with seafood and there’s nothing better than Lacrima Christi for game. Nothing else matters: only taste. This is the motto of the Crogliano family, who have been making wine for three generations and know that science becomes meaningless when a fine meal is accompanied by a fine wine from the Crogliano wine cellars: “… if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Montefalcione, in the heart of Irpinia, is where wine becomes poetry. [charme-gallery]Once a small, modest cellar, over three generations it has become a wine company where traditional, tried and tested techniques are used throughout the wine-making process, from harvesting to pressing, filtering and fermentation in stainless steel vats and finally bottling. A delicate process in every phase, but one which has produced superb Taurasi, Fiano and Lacrima Christi as well as other traditional wines like Falanghina, Aglianico and Coda di Volpe. Nothing else matters.

Cantine Crogliano
Area Pip, via Stazione – Montefalcione (Av)
Tel. 0825.973208; 0825 756050