Learn how to make pizza in three languages

pizza exsperience scuola pizza napoli

Every Sunday, the pizza secrets are taught in Italian, English and Neapolitan in the laboratory “ Fatte na pizza ” and ” Guarda che pizza “,   held by the Masters Gianni Improta and Rosario Piscopo.[charme-gallery]Gianni Improta is the owner of the famous pizzeria “Al 22”, while Rosario Piscopo promotes the tradition of pizza in his restaurant in  Pizzofalcone.[charme-gallery]

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Laboratorio “Fatte ‘na Pizza”
Pizzeria Al 22, Via Pignasecca 22, Napoli

Laboratorio “Guarda che pizza”
Pizzeria Rosario Piscopo
Via Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone 100, Napoli