Penne with mushrooms and sausage black crumbled Caserta

penne rigate funghi e salsiccia di nero casertano

And it is always the now friend Gianluca, from the island of Procida, to send us this tasty recipe born in a Sunday morning, blending the taste of seafarers with those that offer the casertana part of our region. So that what we publish tel received.

“And ‘Sunday morning and flicking lazily pictures on your smartphone remember very happy, thanks to the many photos taken in” Tricchi the berth “(my daughter’s nickname for the uninitiated), a beautifully past weekend at Casa Lerario, a special place, a farm in that of Melizzano, in the province of Benevento. In short, on the mainland or the mainland for us islanders.

Thinking about those wonderful two days, I could not help but have a pleasant flashbacks and I was reminded that I had jealously intentionally put aside the black pork sausages Caserta taken during the recent weekend, with the intent to cook with mushrooms because so much like my little firecracker.

I give my wife a participant so that I would please eat a beautiful mountain flat comfortably and that would not be bad if it was with mushrooms and in the case, even with something extra, something special. So it happens that she reminds me of the precious booty (sausages) carefully guarded and with the usual sentence “if I were not there” is safe, extremely certain I dare say that we have contributed to the choice of the Sunday lunch and then gains at its insapta, “immunity” and the security of not being accused of only cook what he wants the small home.

Let’s see the ingredients I used (for 4 people): 400 grams of penne rigate of hard wheat, 400g mixed mushrooms, 2 sausages black crumbled Caserta, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, freshly ground black pepper, white sauce prepared ad hoc , chopped parsley carrots and shallots and finally shelled walnuts and partly chopped.

This is making of recipe.

In a large skillet (I use the aluminum ones with the long handle), fry with chopped parsley carrots and shallots mushrooms and sausages in plenty of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with white wine as you go along in the kitchen .

During preparation, gradually add ground black pepper.

When both the fungi that the sausages are well browned, add the sauce prepared earlier in the amount that you most pleasure and the pasta cooked together (al dente). You can also add a little water while cooking mix well together for a few minutes before Serve. Serve hot with the addition of nuts and inevitable sprig of parsley.

Bon appetit to you Charming readers by Gian Luca”